Specialist High Skills Major in Health (SHSM)

The major allows students to:

  • Personalize their high school experience to their talents and interests;
  • Prepare for a successful transition to their post-secondary destination (apprenticeship training, college, university or employment in the manufacturing sector);
  • meet the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma;
  • obtenir un sceau rouge sur leur DESO avec une désignation MHS;
  • acquérir des connaissances et des habiletés préparatoires à un secteur économique de leur choix; et
  • prendre des décisions éclairées au sujet des carrières.

L’ÉSC de La Vérendrye offre une MHS en santé et une MHS en éducation. Pour plus d’informations, veuillez communiquer avec l’orientation.

Cooperative Education (COOP)

Cooperative education programs offer students ways to broaden their horizons and explore their career options. Cooperative education is a directed learning experience in the community that complements classroom instruction and provides students with the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge and skills to practical situations.

Courses in a variety of disciplines can be offered in the cooperative education program, which can help all students, regardless of their post-secondary destination. Students enrolled in this program can explore a field of endeavour to help them make decisions about their future direction, while earning academic credits.

It's a program:

  • for the upper secondary school student
  • integrates theoretical concepts taught in school with practical experience in the workplace
  • where the student participates in organized, supervised and evaluated activities.

Program Duration:

  • Generally, in order to have a viable experience in the world of work and receive academic credit, the student is at the training station for the equivalent of four half-days per week.

OYAP: Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

It is an apprenticeship program that links the student with an interested employer. It allows students to learn a skilled trade while completing their Secondary School Diploma (SSD). This is made possible through an agreement between the student who wants to learn a skilled trade, the employer who will provide the apprenticeship, the Ministry of Education, the high school and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Learn more: www.oyap.com External link

Examples of trades where an apprenticeship is possible:

  • tool and die maker
  • Construction and Maintenance Electrician
  • plumber
  • hairdresser
  • automotive service technician
  • horticulturist
  • machinist
  • Early Childhood Educator (5 modules available in the dual

The student will need to consult with the OYAP person in charge for opportunities in the area.

What are the benefits of OYAP?

  • Start training as an apprentice while completing high school
  • accreditation of skills and training hours in a trade
  • start a career with professional training
  • develop an employability profile
  • creation of a network of employers
  • possibility of employment with the employer
  • references from his internships
  • a head start when leaving school
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The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Dual credit recognition

Grâce au nouveau programme à double reconnaissance de crédit (DRC), les élèves du palier secondaire peuvent, en suivant une formation en apprentissage et des cours postsecondaires, accumuler des crédits valables pour leur diplôme d’études secondaires et un diplôme collégial ou universitaire ou un certificat d’apprentissage.

Les élèves peuvent suivre des cours de DRC avec l’un de nos partenaires suivant :