French language schools allow children to reach their full potential and develop a strong cultural identity in a francophone environment that will lead them to become bilingual for life. French is the language of instruction and communication in the school. French resources, posters, signs and announcements contribute to the creation of a fully French-speaking environment in which the child will not only study in French, but will also be immersed in the culture.

By choosing the French school, you are making the best choice for your child.

Even if your preschooler does not speak or understand French, rest assured that he or she will feel completely integrated and comfortable in our schools. Over 80 % of our families are exogamous, meaning that only one of the two parents speaks French. In these situations, it is often difficult to create a francophone environment at home. Our teachers are specifically trained in teaching in a minority setting and know how to create a warm and comfortable environment in which your child will quickly become fluent in French.