The semi-annual system

La Vérendrye Catholic High School uses a two-semester or session system. The school year is divided into two equal parts and the student takes half (4) of the year's courses each semester. The first semester runs from September to the end of January and the second semester runs from February to the end of June.

To meet the Department of Education's requirement for full credit, each regular course is eighty (80) minutes in length per day.

Advantages of the semi-annual system

The semester system offers several benefits to the student. A longer period allows for more effective teaching and learning experiences because:

  1. It gives teachers the opportunity to get to know the student better and to help them on an individual basis with their particular learning problems;
  2. It allows the student to take a more active role in the learning process and to complete course work in subjects such as science, art, physical education and health;
  3. it gives the student the opportunity to concentrate better, as fewer subjects are taken at the same time;
  4. It increases motivation as the student is assessed more frequently for short periods of time and receives a full assessment (exams and performance) twice in five months;
  5. it improves attendance, as the student is aware of the importance of being present for each day of class during the semester;
  6. This reduces the breaks between each class compared to eight class days, making the learning process more intensive;
  7. It improves interaction and social development among students, as they are together longer.