Course selection

In order to explore their options and select their courses, students are encouraged to consult the course guide External link. This guide will assist the student in making a program choice and provide important information about :
  • the conditions governing the awarding of the degree or certificate
  • program characteristics
  • explanations of the terminology and codes used.

Students and their parents are encouraged to use the interactive website to plan their educational itinerary and select the required courses, MyBlueprint External link. This user-friendly program requires no special training or expertise and supports the student with a study pathway, skills and career profile, and post-secondary education options.

Vidéos informatifs MyBlueprint :

Comment faire les choix de cours (élèves)

Comment approuver les choix de cours d’élèves (parents/tuteurs)

Contact the guidance department with questions related to the course of study and course selections at 807-343-4061.

Although school staff members may make recommendations on course selection, the final decision rests with the parents, except in cases where a student has clearly demonstrated that he or she is unable to follow a particular program or if the student has reached the age of 18.

Access to the student's file

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the record of every student attending an Ontario school. The Education Act states that "examination of the record is restricted to supervisory officers and the principal and teachers of the school for the purpose of improving the education of the pupil".

The DSO includes the following:

  1. student information;
  2. schools attended;
  3. school reports
  4. Ontario transcripts;
  5. photographs of the student;
  6. relevant legal documentation to the student;
  7. relevant medical information (the adult student or the minor student's parents must consent, in writing, to the recording of any information); and
  8. student's departures.

Each student has the right to access his/her own OSR. The parents of the minor student have the right to access the student's OSR.

Change of course or level

The student must consult with the appropriate teacher and guidance counsellor before requesting a transfer or change of level. Any change or transfer of course selection by the student must have parental approval if the student is under the age of 18. Course changes will be allowed only if the student is able to successfully complete the established course plan. Please contact the guidance counselor to obtain the course change form.

Number of courses on the schedule

Each student MUST have the maximum number of classes on their schedule, i.e. 8 CLASSES in 9e, 10e and 11e year.

Student's transcript

At the secondary school level, the Ontario Student Transcript must indicate courses successfully completed and credits earned towards an OSSD or certificate of completion. Courses that meet ministry requirements must be recorded using the code established by the Ministry of Education. When a student has earned at least 8 credits in business or technological studies, the transcript must reflect this. The major field of study and the date of completion must be indicated in the appropriate place on the student's transcript.

Community Service

40 hours of community service are required for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Community service activities must take place outside of regular school hours. The student must consult with the principal so that he/she can confirm that his/her volunteer hours will be eligible before completing them.

Veuillez télécharger le Formulaire de service communautaire, ou communiquer avec le service d’orientation pour l’obtenir. 

Students from 9-12e year

The requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) are as follows
  1. Obtaining 30 credits: 18 mandatory and 12 optional
  2. Complete at least 40 hours of community service
  3. Successful completion of the provincial language proficiency test (OSSLT)
For more information about secondary and post-secondary education, contact the guidance department directly or visit the Ministry of Education External link.